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Corporate spin-offs can put the new entity in an awkward position. On the one hand, they have to differentiate themselves from their parent brand. On the other hand, it would be a waste to squander all the good will and reputation building that led to the need for a spin off in the first place.

So, what is a new organization to do? For Aurionpro Fintech, the answer was “ask an expert”. When Aurionpro Fintech came to FMK Agency, they had three asks: They needed their own website, they needed to stay on-brand for the larger Aurionpro family, and they needed to stand out from their parent brand despite that.

FMK Agency was able to give Aurionpro Fintech their own identity while turning their relationship to their parent company into a strength instead of a hindrance. See everything Aurionpro Fintech has to offer at