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The website needs to stay on brand, but the brand is built around needs that are not your own. What are you to do? That was the challenge faced by Cruise Car in redesigning their website. The parent brand, ICON EV, wanted them to modernize their website while updating it to match ICON EV’s brand. However, there was a problem – they had an entirely different audience.

While ICON EV marketed to consumers, Cruise Car’s target audience were all businesses. Their needs and wants are different – what do you do? Luckily for Cruise Car, FMK Agency had the answer.

In researching Cruise Car’s audience, FMK Agency made an important discovery – reinforcement paid dividends. Armed with that knowledge, FMK Agency reinforced Cruise Car’s experience and focus with business clients wherever possible. The website was on brand for ICON EV, but every unfilled space showed off Cruise Car’s impressive catalogue of business clients. In the end, ICON EV and Cruise Car both came out satisfied with the new website.

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