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Current Initiatives is a Florida-based nonprofit committed to educating and mobilizing the communities in which they work. They are unique in that they run multiple projects at the same time, each serving a different group of people in very different ways. They found themselves in need of web design for four separate sites: one for their main page, and three for each of their current initiatives. We were honored to help them highlight their work online.

We began with branding development. Each initiative got its own logo: a washing machine for the Laundry Project, a Christmas Tree for Affordable Christmas, and a pair of pliers for Hope for Homes. Though each initiative has a unique identity, we strove for cohesion between the parent site and each of its initiatives. Using a vibrant, responsive design that showcases their staff/volunteers and those they serve, we sought to let their work speak for itself and to give their audience clear paths to get involved.

Current Initiatives is always working on new, innovative ways to serve vulnerable populations in Florida and beyond. Learn more about their efforts on their website.