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Growing companies need a growing presence; EXPLODING companies need an EXPLODING presence. Since 2019, ICON EV has been exploding. Massive growth is great for a business, but things start to fall through the cracks when revenue and sales growth outpace personnel growth. 

Since 2022, ICON EV has kept FMK Agency as a strategic partner to fill in any cracks we find and aggressively pursue opportunities for growth. Here is a list of just some of the services FMK Agency has provided for ICON EV:

  • Redesign and rebuild websites for all 3 ICON brands (ICON EV, EPIC Carts, and Cruise Car)
  • Design and build a custom, exclusive dealer portal for all ICON EV vehicle dealers
  • Design entirely new branding materials for ICON EV, including but not limited to: logo marks, brand guides, font styles, etc.
  • Design and build custom workflows and pipelines in Hubspot to modernize the ICON EV service team
  • Run successful marketing campaigns garnering hundreds of thousands of impressions and thousands of conversions
  • Design physical materials to support the ICON EV live event team
  • Develop and send frequent, recurring communication to ICON EV vehicle dealers from ICON EV
  • Optimize and associated brand sites to maintain SEO best-practices

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