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Combining bold direction with relatable warmth: That’s the challenge for anyone that wants to revolutionize an industry without alienating the consumers they rely on.

Revique was no different – a bold start-up that was positioning itself to completely change the way patients interact with their healthcare providers. Digitally conscious and patient-oriented, Revique had all the tools they needed to rocket the healthcare industry into the modern age – except a strong, coherent brand and a rockin’ website to back it up. Thanks to zFMK Agency, now they have both.

Strong branding, consistent messaging, and an impressive website that challenges assumptions and empowers patients. See everything Revique has to offer at

An example of dynamic use of the custom made brand assets for Revique
An alternative version of the custom logo for Revique
Custom business card design for Revique. The logo on the card is carefully and deliberately positioned.
Custom letterhead, business card, and mug design for Revique
Custom brand guide designed by FMK Agency. Includes typography and color palette
Custom logos designed by FMK Agency
Homepage of the custom website that FMK Agency built for Revique
Custom branded About webpage for Revique
Mobile view of the custom website for Revique
Custom branded patient digital engagement webpage for Revique
The FMK-custom-branded company page for Revique